When it comes to waterproofing, quality and performance is paramount. Water always has a way of finding itself into areas and causing damage. It’s important that waterproofing be performed to the highest degree of quality, with no shortcuts taken so as to be reliable and will last long into the future.

At National Waterproofing and Industrial Flooring (NWIF), we are regarded as industry leaders in waterproofing and perform every job with the highest degree of care and quality. We seek to undertake every waterproofing job as if it is our own property and ensure that you, the client, is fully satisfied.

Our service includes the waterproofing of rooftops, basements, balconies, bathrooms, showers, car park decks along with other spaces in all types of structures. Furthermore, our waterproofing process involves inspections and checklists for a QA perspective to ensure that a project is successfully waterproofed.

Just a few of the typical spaces we waterproof:

1. Basements and Rooftops

We also waterproof flat and sloped roofs, roof gardens, terraces, podiums and balconies, and water and effluent treatment tanks.

For these areas, we use a single or twin layer systems depending on the application. Bentonite, bitumen or polyurethane membranes can be installed to these areas mentioned as well as below grade structures where a protective final finish or covering is to be applied.

Below grade structures can be waterproofed in a bentonite sheets system and be fully covered in a full manufactures supply and install warranty (Hydroshield Warranty).

NWIF utilises a number of brands from leading industry manufacturers when installing sheet applied membranes systems.

Furthermore, our waterproofing process involves inspections and checklists for a QA perspective to ensure that a project is successfully waterproofed.

2. Trafficable Decks and Vehicle & Pedestrian Decks

We are experts in ensuring that car park decks, balconies, plaza decks, apartment rooftops and plant rooms are properly and effectively waterproofed.

To do this effectively, we apply a special liquid moisture-cure polyurethane, which is a seamless waterproofing membrane that we use with an integral aggregate surface. We incorporate skid resistant textures for safety as required. At National Waterproofing and Industrial Flooring, we always ensure that the job is done to the highest quality, which means that the deck, once complete, is fully safe for use and operation.

3. Bathrooms

We at National Waterproof and Industrial flooring use what is referred to in the industry as flexible cementitious waterproof membranes, which is a product that is ideal for use in the waterproofing of bathrooms, internal and external laundries, terraces, commercial kitchens and balconies.

This membrane achieves an excellent and flexible waterproof barrier particularly suited for under tiles and vinyl, and allows your areas to be fully and effectively sealed.

The Australia Standard (AS 3740-1994) requires that the following areas within a bathroom must be waterproofed:
– Full floor within the shower recess including down into the waste
– Minimum 100mm over the hob or step-down onto the bathroom floor
– Minimum 150mm up the walls within the shower recess
– The vertical angle between two walls within the shower up to minimum > 1800mm or 80mm above the shower rose
– The full bathroom floor if it is made from timber, plywood or particleboard or is above the ground floor

The issue of waterproofing failures and defects caused by water penetration has plagued the building industry for many years resulting in a large rectification costs. There is a statistic often quoted in the building industry that waterproofing is approximately 1.5% of construction cost but accounts for 85% of building defect complaints. National Waterproofing & Industrial Flooring is driven by a desire to improve these statistics in the waterproofing industry. Getting waterproofing right invariably saves you not only money but a giant headache later down the track.

We have completed waterproofing jobs all across Victoria, with jobs being done in Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Ringwood, Croydon, Dandenong, Broadmeadows, Sunshine, Preston, Moorabbin and Cheltenham, as well as many other locations throughout Victoria. We are ready and able with all the expertise, experience and resources to take on whatever you need when it comes to waterproofing your area.

To find out more give us a call on 03 9555 0655 or drop us an email on info@nwif.com.au and find out how we can meet the requirements of your waterproofing job.