Tips on choosing the right flooring material for your Melbourne workshops, car parks and other commercial spaces

Any space where vehicles are parked is generally subject to a lot of wear and tear, but that is especially true for commercial or residential car parks in Melbourne, which have to stand up to the rigours of heavy traffic, footfall and the elements. Ideally, the flooring material for any car park should be tough enough to last, without the need for continual repairs and maintenance that might cause unwanted inconveniences. Choosing the right flooring material for your Melbourne workshop, car park or similar commercial space might seem like a daunting prospect, but the following factors should help you in your considerations, and ensure that you make the right flooring choice.

Heavy-duty high performance materials
Think about the weight of all the vehicles that will be driven to and fro, and that will stand on the floor of your car park. You’ll need flooring that will stand the test of time and not be easily subject to cracks, fissures or dents. If it is a commercial space where vehicles aren’t just parked, but also required for work processes, then chances are the workmen will be using a number of tools and garage equipment as well, in addition to heavy loads that they might have to wheel or pull.

For such purposes, a substrate with heavy or large aggregates embedded could scratch or damage your equipment, and asphalt is simply not tough enough to stand up to routine wear and tear, as it can be worn away by tyre tracking. On the other hand, epoxy resin, when bonded with a concrete substrate, makes the concrete, which is already one of the most durable and hardwearing flooring materials available, several times stronger.

Health and safety factors
When thinking about commercial flooring or car park surfaces, slip resistance is crucial. Particularly for spaces where vehicles are rampant, spillages such as grease, chemicals and oil are often unavoidable, and these can be hazardous to workers, other drivers and pedestrians. Commercial car parks, factories, warehouses and other workplaces have stringent health and safety regulations attached to them, and epoxy flooring is widely agreed to be one of the safest materials for these uses. That’s because it provides a seamless finish, ensuring that there are no cracks or crevices that shoes or wheels might catch on, thus minimising trips, falls and other mishaps.

Cleaning and maintenance
Having a floor that is easy to keep clean is a necessity for any Melbourne car park or commercial space. If you use pavers, weeds or dirt could lodge in between the bricks, allowing moss to grow. Asphalt could develop miniscule cracks in it over time which aren’t visible to the human eye until it is too late to fix and water is seeping through to the substrate level, causing problems and costing you money. Constant sweeping and pressure washing could also quickly become a chore, so why not go for a wipe clean surface that is also waterproof? Epoxy flooring is fully waterproof and keeps its good looks for many years to come. This, in addition to all the other benefits outlined above, are some of the key reasons why more people are choosing epoxy flooring for their Melbourne workshop, car park or commercial space. You should too.

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