Have you heard about Deflecta? Find out what it is and how it can save you money in construction


Deflecta Antimicrobial and Deflecta Surface Binder applied
North Melbourne train station: Deflecta Antimicrobial and Deflecta Surface Binder applied.

At NWIF, we are the commercial flooring melbourne specialists that have dealt with Deflecta for many years and across many projects. Concrete has been around for many years and is used to build homes, offices, walkways, car parks, schools and much more in Melbourne. It is a durable and resilient material but it is porous and if not treated can let in water which then sits in minute pockets of air and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. In certain high risk environments such as hospitals, food preparation facilities, research laboratories and the like, this can be a problem particularly if the industrial or commercial flooring has not been treated in such a way as to prevent this happening. Deflecta is a registered Australian formulation which, when applied to concrete, provides an effective barrier to moisture, kills off bacteria and can extend the working life of the concrete surface.

Deflecta is available in a range of products including Stabilizer Antimicrobial, Stabilizer and Surface Binder.

Docklands carpark. Deflecta Antimicrobial and Deflecta Surface Binder applied.
Docklands carpark, Melbourne: Deflecta Antimicrobial and Deflecta Surface Binder applied.

Stabilizer Antimicrobial
This is a bacterial controlled liquid cure and when it is applied to concrete flooring or walls, the liquid penetrates deep into the concrete to a depth of 150mm or more and the biocide contained in the formula then kills and prevents further bacteria from multiplying. This will offer up a concrete matrix that works for 5 years killing off further bacterial activity. It also turns from a complete liquid solution and forms an insoluble solid in the form of a silicate hydrogel. This biocide is applied to the surface of the concrete in one effective spray application and activates almost instantly.

This clear water borne seal moisture membrane and liquid cure acts as an effective moisture barrier and sealant due to the nature of the catalytic agent it contains. Once applied to concrete it is attracted to free alkaline hydrates and turns any moisture into solid matter. The surface of the concrete is hardened and then becomes resistant to oils, fats, gases and solvents, and depending on the number of applications, this resistance is increased. Normally treated to a depth of around 150mm depending on the nature of the building, then the construction team or flooring specialist will advise on the correct number of applications and depth of treatment.

Surface Binder
This is a stain resistant, anti-slip and ultra-violet stable gloss finish for concrete flooring that can be used both for outdoor and indoor applications. It is applied once the stabilizer has been used and produces not only a safe surface to walk on but gives a great gloss finish to a stabilised floor. Where there is going to be specific slip and fall risks, such as freezer areas in commercial property, this flooring solution is ideal. It needs to have a minimum of 3 coatings to ensure the concrete turns from opaque to a gloss finish so usually up to 5 coats will achieve the desired effect. The beauty of this formulation is that whilst the application is being applied, normal work can continue as the area of application can be roped off and this surface binder dries really quickly. National Waterproofing & Industrial flooring (NWIF) would expect to apply around 4 coats within one day for example, and heavy duty equipment can be used on the area the following day.

Benefits of Deflecta within the construction industry

Deflecta hardens the surface of the concrete which extends its use, reducing wear and tear and the length of time between re-laying the flooring. This inevitably cuts down on construction time in repairs saving money and also not interrupting the work flow of the business. The stabilizer antimicrobial delivers protection against E.Coli, Listeria and Golden Staph, offering up easier cleaning and measureable occupational health and safety benefits. For employees and customers, this will cut down on the risk of cross contamination and infection in high risk areas, providing a safer area to work within. For outside contractors who have to come into these premises, it also protects them as well against serious illness and time off work.

The stabiliser and surface binder increase traction and will add bonding and density, cleaning is a lot easier and the concrete does not become weathered or stained. Thermal resistance is also improved and there is protection against corrosion. Water cannot penetrate the surface so the base layer under the concrete flooring is also protected, so any electrical cables or pipes are not in danger of cracking which can be expensive to put right. Deflecta is quick and easy to apply, non-toxic and dries very quickly so does not slow up the day to day running of a business.


Application of Deflecta Antimicrobial

Application of Deflecta Antimicrobial. Pre wetting concrete due to high temperature on the day.
1. Pre wetting concrete due to high temperature on the day.
Application with a boom sprayer due to large area.
2. Application with a boom sprayer due to large area.
Concrete surface after first application.
3. Concrete surface after first application.
4. Dispersing of pooling with a broom.
4. Dispersing of pooling with a broom.

For more information, please call National Waterproofing & Industrial Flooring P/L (NWIF) phone 03 9555 0655. At NWIF, we are the recommend installers of Deflecta Antimicrobial / Bacterial treatment. Contact our team of professionals who will be able to consult as to the best solution for your flooring needs.


14 May, 2014

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